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History of Dillon & Beaverhead County

At Beaverhead County Museum, we aspire to be more than simply a collection of unique objects. We are devoted to creating a living, interactive learning experience through events and exhibitions. 

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We offer visitors a way to experience the exhibits in three easy steps: 1. download a QR Scanner Ap from your app store (this should be free) 2. Scan the QR code in the museum. 3. Enjoy the Tour!

Our Most Recent Exhibits

We’ve Got Something for Everyone

There’s always something new to learn from our permanent and temporary exhibitions. Our team of curators and creative minds are working around the clock in order to ensure that our visitors always find something new to discover at our History Museum. Take a look at our past, current, and upcoming exhibitions.

Indigenous Peoples of Southwestern Montana - Archaeological History 

Permanent Exhibit

Visitors can learn how the major extinctions of mammoths, giant bison and other megafauna required people adapt to the changing environment. Exhibits cover an extensive time period, from a 13,000-year-old spear point found locally to tiny arrow points discovered at nearby buffalo jumps. 

Birds of Beaverhead County

Permanent Exhibit

Dennis Jones local taxidermist has recreated a part of valley life that is truly spectacular. There are over 150 pair of birds, all found in Beaverhead County, from the the tiniest to the big birds like Canadian geese. 

100-year anniversary of Big Bertha 

Temporary Exhibit

January 11, 1922, Sheriff Mooney seized one of the largest Moonshine Distillery operating west of the Mississippi. Eleven vats that contained 2,500 of corn mash was captured and named Big Bertha due to the size of the Still. It was located on the divide between Sweetwater and Blacktail, six miles east of Axes Canyon.  

Tom Savage (Brenner)

New Exhibit 2022

Tom Savage is a author who grew up in Beaverhead County. His book Power of the Dog was adapted as a movie in 2022. In his writing, Savage dealt with themes of fatal provincialism and the claustrophobia of sexual boundaries. He used his novels to denounce the bigotry he considered entrenched in the western towns and ranches of his upbringing.

Geology & Mining in Beaverhead County

Permanent Exhibit (Argenta Schoolhouse)

This exhibit will take you on a journey through time. Educational programs are offered.



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Mining Exhibit 

Beaverhead County has a rich history of mining and mining prospects. Mining began in the early 1860s in Wisdom and Bannack areas. This exhibit is a chronology of geology and mining in the area.

History of the Museum

Thanks to some forward thinking women the museum now is a place that holds Dillon and Beaverhead County History for generations to come.

Passenger Depot

Passenger trains at one time came into Dillon at the rate of two per day, but, as elsewhere, the increasing use of the automobile spelled the end of the station’s use as a passenger depot. Passenger service to Dillon ceased during the mid-1970s.

The depot now exists as a representation of the character of Dillon as a community based upon its history as a railroad town. It reflects the financial and political development of the town: revenue was provided because of the passenger and freight traffic, and the railroad system provided an outlet for the economic production of local mining interests and local ranchers.



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