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Beaverhead County Museum research, photo, and reproduction fees:

RESEARCH HOURS: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 1 pm to 4 pm

Please call or email to make arrangements to do research.

The Beaverhead County Museum has one of the largest historical archives in Southwestern Montana. It is run by museum staff and volunteers and limited operating funds from Friends of the Museum. Because we are committed to maintaining this resource and making it available to the public, we have fees to help offset the cost, as well as policies in place to protect the resources.

Please note, fees are waived if you belong to Friends of the Museum. Fees for non-profit groups and government agencies receive reduced rates for archives research. Please support the museum and Friends of the Museum.

PLEASE NOTE: Some documents and other information from our collections will not be copied, due to fragility issues and/or copyright restrictions.


Waivers for use fees may be considered if a certain use is judged to be of public relations use to for student projects, curriculum use, or current news stories. Please contact us for more information regarding these uses. Even if a waiver of fees is granted, a PERMISSION & USE FORM must still be completed. (See attachment form below.) 


When visiting in person please fill out a permission & use form upon arriving. If requesting research via email or phone, please send permission & use form and fees to:

Beaverhead County Museum, 15 S Montana St, Dillon MT  59725

Fees can be paid by cash, check or credit card (ask for details)


Archives Research Fees for Members/Schools/Government Agencies/Non-profit Organizations

  • Museum Staff-Assisted Research - $10/hour (this includes taking photos with phones)

  • Brief orientation on use of research materials (free)

  • Friends of the Museum Members - FREE

Reproduction Fees:

  • Photocopies Black & White - .10 cents.

  • Photocopies Color - .20 cents.

  • Digital Scans/emailed, per scan - $1.00.

  • Digital Scans/to flash drive/CD, per scan - $1.00.

  • Duplicate CD or Flash Drive - $1.00.

  • Photo Prints on copy paper .50 cents, Photo Paper - $1.00.

Public Use:

  • Museum Staff-Assisted Research - $20/hour

  • Brief orientation to get you started (free)

Reproduction Fees:

  • Photocopies Black & White - .25 cents

  • Photocopies color - .50 cents

  • Digital copies of photos are $5.00 per jpeg.

  • Physical prints or photos are - $5.00.

  • Most of our photos are scanned at 600dpi.

  • Digital Scans/emailed, per scan - $1.00.

  • Digital Scans/to flash drive/CD, per scan - $2.00.

  • Duplicate CD or Flash Drive - $1.00.

  • Photo Prints on Paper - $1.00, Photo Paper - $3.00.

For further information regarding prints please contact the museum. All research information and photos are emailed unless otherwise requested. (An additional fee for postage is incurred if necessary.)

Beaverhead County Museum

15 S. Montana St., Dillon, MT  59725

(406)683-5027, email

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